Address by the Mayor of Rethymno

Mayor of Rethymno

In our attempt to stand up to our commitment to further inform you on every local project that is constantly focused on improving the quality of our lives and catering to the needs of our visitors, we give you, through the brochure you hold in your hands, all information that has been gathered within the framework of the "Greece - Cyprus 2007 - 2013" Cross-border Cooperation Programme, with the Ayia Napa – Rethymno Universally Accessible Cities" Project, in terms of the accessible tourism opportunities offered across our Municipality.

As you will see for yourselves, information also includes a series of recent interventions implemented within the framework of the Project on securing the accessibility of our fellow disabled people to public services, communal areas and Culture venues.

We are truly proud that our city participates in this cross-border programme, which offers a host of benefits, the most important of which is the ability offered to disabled co-citizens and visitors to safely visit particular venues for which –so far– they had no adequate information or access to. Having said that, let us not overlook the fact that these venues are also designed for the wider public, and they reflect the identity and quality of our Municipality. Furthermore, we acknowledge the sincere and firm interest of the Rethymno Municipality for the needs of disabled people and the arduous effort we make constantly to meet them, amidst a hard economic environment. The participation of our Municipality in this Programme shows, among others, the readiness of its services to claim and secure project funding from European resources. We exploit every opportunity we come across, however big or small.

We are particularly in debt of the National Confederation of Disabled People in Greece and of the local Prefectural Disabled People's Union for their outstanding cooperation, thus, we absolutely need to acknowledge their valuable assistance.

We share the same productive and fruitful collaboration with the twin city of Ayia Napa. This is not our first collaboration. Our present experience merely crowns the past collaborations which were all successful and beneficial for the respective local communities.

I hope that the future holds a number of analogous collaboration opportunities with you.



Giorgis Ch. Marinakis
Mayor of Rethymno